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Hertz - Rent a Car

» Espejo 391 Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina

» +54 9 (0261) 423-0225

HERTZ is a leader who can adapt at all times to the needs of its customers, offering assurances that they can fully trust that safety, quality, service and ongoing commitment recognized by the technology, without forgetting that it is mostly human capital that caters to customers.

We are a leader since 1988 in the car rental industry in Argentina. For that reason in 2000, Hertz Corporation has chosen us as your Master Licensee for the whole country.

Both proximity and price and attractiveness of its fleet, HERTZ has managed to make accessible to any car rental. An increasing number of people in our country in HERTZ rent, not only need to take a trip, but for the pleasure of driving new car and exclusive models.

Why should we choose?

For the same reason that made the car rental company most prestigious in the world:

     You have more than 60 agencies in Argentina and over 1,000 new units.
     We are present in major cities and airports.
     HERTZ covers all customer needs: car rental and cargo vans (vans), highlighting the variety of brands and offer special fleet of winter and summer.

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